It takes two to tango. And when there are over ninety enthusiastic souls, who believe in the adage ‘work hard, party harder’, the workplace can only get lit up with smiling faces.

It all started with Joanita’s mail to all of us. The theme for this Diwali was ‘Go Desi’. We were motivated to dress up in our traditional outfits for the occasion and decorate our desks as well to win the best desk prize! The day – Wednesday, 7th November, 2007.

Can anyone ever beat the spirit of Pinstormers! The celebrations started a day in advance. One of the teams actually stayed back overnight to decorate their desk areas. Another team unaware that it was not the first one to start the decorations came in early on the D(iwali)-Day. And then the decoration-virus affected one and all. Soon the entire office was bright with lights, flowers, rangoli colours and the vibrant outfits.

While each one of us was dressed in traditional attire (alright, almost each one of us), little did we know that there are some surprizes in store for us. In the evening, there was a surprise get-together. Prizes were given away for best lit up areas, ravishing Pinstorm girls and hot Pinstorm guys!

Diwali’s over and 2007 is reaching its end. But you walk into our Mumbai office and all the Diwali decorations are still intact welcoming you to the festive spirit called Pinstorm!
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