A brand management firm typically exults in winning awards for creativity – and we’ve had our fair share – including the big one for display advertising a little while ago. But this one is different.

Our focus on building technology solutions for marketing and our own somewhat radical internal IT infrastructure has been recognised too.

We’re thrilled that IT Next magazine has recognised our very own Claude Veigas to receive the inaugural Next100 award in India’s first talent hunt for future CIOs. Next100, as their press release says is “a five-month long program that selected 100 outstanding IT Managers from a pool of 72,000 who have the skills and qualities to make it to the top technology job in an enterprise”.

The publisher of IT Next, Vikas Gupta says “The future will be increasingly driven by strong IT systems and technologies. It is important that we have visionary IT leadership to enable Indian enterprises to compete effectively in a globalized environment”. Yes, Vikas, thank you. We couldn’t have said it better :-)

While you can read more about the Next100 awards here, we’d like to say a big “Congrats!” to Claude and request readers to please not inundate him with job offers. We like him a lot and our receptionist has been instructed to tell all callers for Claude that he is out to lunch and back in 2015.

In the meanwhile, we fully encourage hardware and software vendors to continue to give us lots of shiny, nice and expensive technologies to try out at no cost – you could be part of an award-winning IS effort in the future, you know. The lines are open for you.

Oh, and if you’d like to ask if we can help you with some really cool technology-driven brand building campaigns, our reception has been told to inform you that we never have lunch. Ever.