Our COO Ansoo Gupta was invited by AdAsia 2011 to share her views on the theme “Uncertainty : The New Certainty”. She says one certainty that marketers should work on is to ensure that their product is good and lives up to its claims every time a consumer buys it. Stop misleading your consumer.

Every day, a consumer puts her life, her family’s lives, health, emotions, savings, earnings on the edge and buys into a product. And again and again her trust is shattered. This repeated short-changing has made her unsure and cynical. Her negative word of mouth was always powerful but now her campaign also has reach, frequency and high impact. Sales projections go haywire. Budgets go awry. More uncertainties ensue for the marketer.

Just as we don’t like uncertainty, the consumers don’t either. Given a choice, every consumer would buy bread from the same neighbourhood grocer day after day after day as long as the bread is good, is fairly priced and the shopkeeper is friendly. She will go to another retailer if the bread is not good, in which case, the move is justified anyway.

Certainty is about predictable performance.

It’s about giving the consumer a truly good product, about keeping a promise and making it a habit.

It’s about trust.


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