South Asia’s leading digital brand management firm Pinstorm announced today that it is launching its newest social media ranking scheme, based around thought leadership and not mere celebrity.

Speaking about the rankings, Pinstorm head Ansoo Gupta said “Of late social channels have become clogged with pseudo-celebrities, Bollywood types and sports people who have millions of fans but say little. This is the first-ever attempt to curate a listing of true thought leaders and people who have a philosophical bent of mind. These are people who make you think deeply about life and about important social issues with the thoughts they express online every day.”

The list of rankings are called “Wise Indian Thought Leaders & Exemplary Social Servants” and the list has been created using Pinstorm’s proprietary technologies.

“We hope you will not just follow the rankings, but also share it with your friends” added Ms. Gupta “many among us want a return to the early days of the Internet which was less polluted, and had more signal than noise. This list gives us a chance to get back to the good old days.”

Your suggested additions to this list are welcome and may be tweeted to If you do have more suggestions for this expert-curated list, please tweet them to @Pinstorm or email them to