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Our clientele - a few billion-dollar companies and many more who want to be like these few.

We're just as happy working with the number 1s in business as we are with the companies who want to get there.

As this list shows you, we have significant experience across all the key sectors of business that use online marketing - from travel and hospitality to banking and financial services, to education, to media and recruitment and more. And we have experience in geographies as diverse as China, Chile and Chelsea.

We handle clients directly through our offices in Bombay, New Delhi, Singapore and Malaysia as well as through our overseas client management center in Bombay.

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 Whether it's visitors to your website you want, leads you wish to attract, or even sales - we get paid only when we deliver. Can we help your business? Do ask us for a no-obligations proposal.
Whether its brand visibility or responses you want, we get paid only when we deliver. Can we come back to you with a no-obligations proposal?

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