There are two types of anchors: Arnab, and the credible kind.

India KNOWS their news anchors, no surprises there!

Apologies for sounding so negative, but this is what the people of India seem to be saying.

We conducted a survey across more than 1,000 people and one of the questions was about anchors.

We asked about “entertainment value versus informative value”

Arnab is India’s most ‘entertaining’ anchor. ¬†Prannoy the most “informative”.

What do you seek in a news anchor?

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Then we asked about Credible versus Not credible.


As it turns out…


Arnab, Barkha and Rahul are among India’s least-credible anchors. Prannoy and Karan are among India’s most-credible anchors.

Makes you wonder where the news is goin


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Credibility is one thing and trust is another. It seems the non-credibile anchors are even less trust-worthy


Arnab, Rahul and Barkha are among the least-trusted anchors. Prannoy is the most trusted.



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Interestingly enough, lack of credibility and lack of trust do not go entirely with perceived intelligence.


Poor Rahul Kanwal is seen as the dumbest anchor, followed closely by Arnab. Prannoy and Karan Thapar are seen as among the more intelligent ones.


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Then we took a different slice.

Instead of all 1,028 respondents, we took the 713 who identified themselves as being in the key 25 – 44 year age group.

This is what the group felt

Rahul Kanwal is most in tune with the 25-44 generation, and Karan Thapar is most out of tune with it.




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This survey was conducted independently. If you’d like to subscribe for a copy, please email

More snippets will be released in days to come!