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A campaign for every offering, for every target, for every market. The wonderful thing about search marketing is that you don’t need to compromise any more. If you have multiple products that sell in multiple countries and people in each of these countries have different reasons to buy each of your products - you don’t need to find some one-size-fits-all positioning that traditional TV or print media typically forces on you.

How does this search marketing thing work? You’ve used Google, Yahoo, MSN and maybe even Baidu to search. Ever wondered how they make money? Google, for instance, announced they earned over US$ 6 billion in 2005.

The primary income for search engines is through the ‘Sponsored Links’ you see in the results. Advertisers globally will spend more than US$ 10 billion in search engine marketing in 2006 – more than what they spend on banner advertising online. Search Marketing is among the fastest-growing, most-accountable forms of marketing in the world.

Why are marketers investing in search marketing? The most important reason is that people first head to search engines when they’re looking for something – whether it’s a new laptop, a car, a software developer, equipment for an oil rig or even a date. And when they do head there, search engines are getting too comprehensive. Every search seems to find millions of results – and very few have the time and patience to go past the first page of results.

Getting on to page 1. So it’s really important for marketers to be found on page 1 when someone searches for something related to what they offer. And with millions of other results as competition, you can imagine it’s really difficult to get on to the left hand side – the editorial or ‘organic’ side of page 1.

Some people practice what’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which aims to get the engines to rank you higher. While some degree of SEO can be good, it takes time to show results, is limited to a few search terms and with engines changing ranking formulae constantly, it’s not particularly reliable.

We do understand SEO really well and are quite good at it – but we much prefer the much faster, controllable route of paying the engine to show our ads when a relevant term is searched. What’s called Search Engine Marketing or SEM. So you’re ALWAYS on the first page of results when searched.

Does it work? One way to look at it is this: if marketers are paying the engines US$10 billion this year, they must be getting results worth several times that amount. The other way is to read about our success stories here.

A new type of marketing requires a new type of marketing firm. Pinstorm is among the leading search marketing firms in the world, and here’s how we work. Please click on every step of the process to follow our process.





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