Copywriter With 3+ years experience

We’re looking for copywriters big on ideas, with 3+ years of work-experience.

Here’s a little about what matters to us:

Understanding the brand and the audience are equally important to us. So, if you can do that and convert the insights into persuasive ideas which communicate and make the audience take action, you’re the person we’re looking for.
Since we’re living in a digital world where data is king, we are the kind who’re making constant changes in our campaigns based on the data we get. So, you can’t be extremely sensitive about letting your work go and going back to the drawing board again.
Our teams are our strength and we’d love you to work closely with your colleagues and come up with kick-ass campaigns. Lone ranger creative people are a thing of the past!

Sounds like you’ll fit in? Do apply here. Upload your work samples and/or resumes with a link to your work and we’ll get back to you soon.


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