Winning @ IPL with Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk is a milk chocolate bar enjoyed in 33 countries and available in more than 23 varieties.

Our Task:

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has taken cricket and made it into a huge entertainment event which draws in mammoth crowds and television viewership from across the country; thus ensuring that IPL has become one of the most expensive and favourite property for brands. Brands

The challenge was to find a way to generate buzz and build engagement around the established brand line of “Shubh Aarambh” (“auspicious beginnings”) in an extremely cluttered environment.

Our Approach:

Passion for cricket and the T20 format, generates a lot of excitement for the game. This excitement spills into the online world, with Twitter and Facebook seeing conversations around match time.

We set out to tap into such conversations, real time, and generate buzz around the brand hashtag #ShubhAarambh through gamification.

We shared branded real time updates around beginnings, firsts, new accomplishments and records – #ShubhAarambhs big and small. This came to include other events like rain washing out a match, or the lights going out at a cricket stadium mid-way through a match. These updates were published in the form of an image that people could share easily, with the use of cricket related imagery and caricatures for players (using real images was not permitted).

People were encouraged to use and share content around the brand hashtag, with a leaderboard showing them real time rankings basis their reach. To keep it fair to people with a smaller follower count, known influencers and Twitterati were excluded in the final rankings. Contests were run with 10 – 15 people winning Dairy Milk hampers daily.

To keep a steady flow of conversation going, we used personal triggers around all the firsts in ones life during IPL, through the different stages of the season eg: Leaving office early to catch the evening’s action, Making excuses to stay at home to catch that unmissable match or making pacts with God in return for your favourite team winning the finals.

Key Twitter influencers from across India were roped in to tweet on behalf of the brand and help seed in the conversation topic for the day. This gave our activity and concept scale by reaching out to their extended fans and followers. Cricketing celebrities like noted cricket journalist Ayaz Memon and, anchor & presenter Harsha Bhogle were roped in to announce a daily Jury Choice Award for what they felt was the best update on the theme of the day. Simply a chance to engage and interact with such noted celebs would encouraged participation.

At the back end was a team of 15 people including social media managers, copywriters, designers, account in charge and the brand managers from the client’s side were organized in 2 shifts. This allowed us the ability to have conversations for 14 – 15 hours a day (typically peaking during match time). A couple of cricket enthusiasts on the team were assigned the most important task: keeping their eyes glued to the television sets to spot real time conversation opportunities.

As the team drove daily conversations, a virtual bat was filled out from all the tweets, comments and shares on Twitter and Facebook. Over a two month period, 205k conversations and shares were generated. The brand hashtag trended nationally 7-8 times during this period, appearing over official sponsor hashtags on occasion.

An independent study found Dairy Milk to enjoy the second largest share in IPL conversations, and the was the only non-official sponsor to feature in the top 10 list.