Brand: Cadbury Dairy Milk – Silk

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Brand: Cadbury Dairy Milk – Silk

Cadbury - SilkOpportunity/Occasion of engagement: Create a social media campaign to create a fanatical group of addicts for CDM Silk

Client brief: Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) Silk is the premium chocolate brand to enter Indian market. It is designed to be both the flagship product for Cadbury and therefore be its ammunition to fight any new entrants in the space. CDM Silk should also be able to rub off its expertise in chocolate to the parent Cadbury Dairy Milk brand.

The communication to be developed had to communicate that CDM Silk is the “best chocolate in the market” to its target audiences. The marketing brief was to widen the penetration of Silk among chocolate lovers, by getting people to act on friends’ recommendations. And this was to be done through a social media campaign platform that could replace the earlier post-to-post interactions, and which can act as a base for further brand growth.

Strategy: Create a group of online fans and lovers of CDM Silk and make them influential. Then give them input (content) that they would love to spread among their friends. The said content to be focused on the taste, experience and bliss of CDM Silk. By having real fans and lovers of CDM Silk participate in this group, it would seem like the group belongs to real users and not the company/brand.

To achieve the objective, a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Apps and contests on social media was to be used.

Solution: We created an online group called Silkaholics and launched it with due fanfare. “Addiction to Silk” was communicated as a good thing. And to emphasise this goodness, posts by CDM Silk addicts, aka ‘Silkaholics’ were created. An online app also allowed them to change their Facebook background picture, with CDM Silk colours and branding.


Silkaholic community is today 2,000,000 strong!

Engagement metrics are among the highest for any FMCG brand in India.

Campaign months


Unprompted Engagement

Prompted Engagement

Passive Engagement

Referral Engagement

April 2013 1,056,710 10 702 295 NA
May 2013 1,147,544 14 431 1,500 NA
June 2013 1,510,551 16 81 2,469 NA
July 2013 1,666,223 67 1,634 46,683 7,252
August 2013 1,736,292 37 1,739 68,237 10,680

Subsequent to the campaign’s stupendous success online, the brand has decided to extend this activity on-ground as well.